VOD Releases: The Answer (2017) – Reviewed

New on VOD platforms from High Octane Pictures is The Answer, which the distributor is describing as an exhilarating new sci-fi thriller from writer and director Iqbal Ahmed. While the score and editing do an excellent job of creating some semblance of excitement, The Answer is an average sci-fi film that feels overextended even at a paltry 83 minute runtime. Any positive aspects can’t outweigh the fact that the genre smorgasbord of a plot creeps along, leaving the viewers begging for it to quickly end. 

The story is about Bridd Cole (Austin Hebert) and his co-worker/ potential love interest Charlotte Parker (Alexis Carra), who are forced to go into hiding after they are attacked by a strange group that are dressed like they are members of Daft Punk. Following clues left by his dead parents, they must find out who Bridd really is and why they are after him. There are so many genres tossed into this movie that it may be a bit too much to handle for some, at various times containing elements of sci-fi, romance, thriller, mystery, action, comedy, and is even somewhat superheroish. At its core, it is more of a romance than anything else. So it may appeal to viewers seeking out something to watch with their wife or girlfriend. The minimal plot, for most, is fairly predictable and is riddled with questionable head-scratching aspects throughout. 

The technical side of the production is solid. For an independent sci-fi picture, it looks far better than one might expect. There should be no doubt that Ahmed has the talent to create an aesthetically pleasing movie. It has good camera movement and placement, with only a few moments where the shaky cam was overly distracting. The cinematography from Kristoffer Carrillo is terrific, featuring a wide array of fall colors during daytime scenes and nighttime scenes that are balanced and not too dark. Along with the film’s editing, Erick DeVore’s score deserves the most praise for both enhancing and building any drama or tension in numerous scenes. Without his music, most of these scenes wouldn’t feel quite as important as he has made them. 

Most of the screen time is devoted to Hebert and Parker, who both do a fine job in their respective roles. Parker’s character is supposed to be a bad girl with some sort of secret shady past, with all of this helping to aid in the advancement and understanding of Bridd Cole’s abilities. Hebert has a terrific on screen presence and is a perfect fit for this character, that of an introvert who simply wants to hide in his everyday life. David S. Lee is the other major character, portraying the leader of the group hunting Cole down. His only speaking parts are in an unidentifiable alien language, but he is well suited to play the brooding baddie.

Welcome to the Daft Punk fan convention

The Answer is a technically sound movie and should be at the very least mildly entertaining for most viewers. Some sci-fi fans may find it even more enjoyable, depending on their own personal tastes. In the End, this isn’t the worst movie ever and it’s also not the greatest, it is simply somewhere almost near the middle. 

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