News: The Abyss and True Lies 4K Remasters

It has been over a year since we last heard about James Cameron’s forthcoming wet gate 4K scan of his 1989 underwater science fiction action thriller masterpiece The Abyss before mysteriously dropping off the radar.  During this time Cameron seemed to be redirecting his attention to preparing new Avatar sequels and the still long-awaited blu-ray release of The Abyss seemed to go on the back burner, causing fans like myself to lament yet another indefinite delay to this blu-ray disc happening at all.  What’s more, his action comedy thriller True Lies, like The Abyss, still only have severely outdated non-anamorphic DVDs replete with aliasing, edge enhancement and a generally blurry looking image better suited for CRT televisions than those of us stuck with hitting the zoom button on our HDTVs and/or the blu-ray player itself.

Not to worry however.  In a recent post on, James Cameron revealed he was tied up working on preparing the aforementioned Avatar sequels and now that pre-production seems to be in the finishing stages, he is now in fact turning his attention back to the 4K remaster of The Abyss and further still revealed at long last True Lies will also be receiving the 4K treatment!  As the director’s forthcoming 4K 3D remaster of Terminator 2: Judgment Day prepares for theatrical re-release alongside teasing at a possible 3D conversion of Aliens, James Cameron has been dropping quite a lot of exciting news regarding his most celebrated works lately!  With this in mind, I can’t wait to see how both The Abyss and True Lies will turn out and am elated to hear they’re most definitely going to happen!

- Andrew Kotwicki