Article: Detroit Movie Outings

Detroit is a great place to be for those who have a soft spot for cinema. Not only has it become a popular setting for big screen features, but it's also going through major developments as far as entertainment is concerned. This means it's extremely easy to enjoy an adventure through the Motor City, and we're here with some information on how a movie lover can make the best out of

Movie History
There's a long list of movies that have been shot in Detroit, and the next best thing to being on set is checking out where they were filmed! It only takes a quick second to Google your favorite movie filmed in the city and get more information about exact locations.

Local Theaters
It's always a great idea to support your independent movie theaters in the area. After all, these institutions are committed to preserving the complete cinematic experience without all of the extra corporate details. Historic theaters like the Redford Theater and the Senate Theater boast showings of classic movies all year long, while the Detroit Institute of Arts Film Theater often has imaginative and informational indie films on their roster. The best part is that the tickets for these spots are always cheap!

Summertime Movie Screenings
There are many opportunities to enjoy a movie outdoors, especially when the weather is nice in the summer time! The Ford Wyoming Drive In is located right outside of Detroit in Dearborn and offers nightly double features for recent releases and older movies throughout the year. New Center Park and Campus Martius Park both host outdoor screenings for movies in the summer, so be sure to check out their social media for more information.

Using Transportation to Tie it Together

It's easy to enjoy multiple destinations that fit your interest in one night when a Detroit Car and Limo Service is along for the ride. Dinner and a movie becomes a fun filled celebration instead of a ho hum night out. You can make it into an extremely fun tour with no worries about dealing with traffic, parking, or directions along the way. Plus, this type of transportation offers fantastic amenities such as DVD capable television screens, cup holders for drinks, neon lighting for ambiance, comfortable seating, and premium quality stereos equipped with sub woofers. It will transform your night into a great adventure!