Box Office News: Scary Doll Makes Millions - Annabelle Makes Double Her Budget Over Three Days

In a rather disappointing big budget box office summer, many sequels and prequels have landed with a thud. Numerous other expected hits have also turned out to be major disappointments for movie fans and studios alike. Surprisingly enough, this is not the case for the world's favorite evil doll. Ever since her inception in the first Conjuring movie, people have been intrigued by the possessed toy. What was thought to be just another retread with Annabelle turns out to be a much better movie that feels much closer to her cinematic origination with Ed and Lorraine Warren. 

This weekend, Annabelle:Creation has scared up roughly $35 million which falls just shy of the first spinoff which made $37.1 in its first three days. This is not a bad take when you consider the film only cost $15 million to produce. This is major success story for the studio that will definitely spawn even more sequels about the nasty little evil doer. It's estimated that the horror movie may go on to make nearly $100 million in is run. Against its modest budget, the film is a major hit in a summer that's been lined with failure.