Interviews: Actor Kevin Interdonato Talks About The Thriller Bad Frank

In Bad Frank, starring Kevin Interdonato and written and directed by Tony Germinario, the former plays Frank Pierce, a man who leads a seemingly normal life, but when a disturbing past re-emerges and something precious is taken from him, his mask of sanity loosens and unearths the urge to be violent once again. The film is currently on VOD. We had the chance to catch up with Interdonato for a chat about the movie.

TMS: Is Bad Frank really that Bad?

KI: I dont think so, but opinions vary on that one. He's a victim of sorts, not just the unfortunate situation that he falls into, but the disregard of his illness all those years earlier. Not saying he's a normal guy either...but I have to sympathize with the characters I play, not judge them.

TMS: What is it that sees this change in him throughout the movie?

KI: Guys like Frank, they're doomed. Their lives ultimately don't end well, for either them or someone on the receiving end that cross them. There's a journey in this film that captures Frank at his break, and I think people respond to his change in different ways. Either they understand and forgive, and judge and label. But either way, because of the relationship with his Father, I think it hits home letting a viewer empathize with his mental illness and situation.

TMS: Was it at all stressful having to carry a movie?

KI: It's a welcomed stress. Comes with playing a Lead in a Narrative, but I tend to block all that out and put my concentration where it’s needed. When its released, that’s usually when I get a little nervous. Like anyone else, I ultimately hope that viewers like the film.

TMS: Any advice on the set from your pro co-stars, notably Tom Sizemore?

KI: Not so much advice, as it was learning from watching him. They way he works and gets himself to that 'place'. Tom's a really good guy, everyone enjoyed his presence on and off set.

TMS: If you were working at a DVD store, which category would you place Bad Frank under?

KI: Psychological Thriller.... or romantic comedy. I'd get a kick outta that.

TMS: What do you believe is the underlying message in the movie?

KI: Mine would differ from most viewers, I have a completely different view on Frank than anyone. And I love hearing everyone's thoughts on the film, more so than my own, they're so vastly interesting and unique...

TMS: Being from Jersey, do you try and find work mostly on the East Coast?

KI: No, actually the opposite. I love the thrill of going to new places and filming. Meeting new people in areas I'm not used to or familiar with. That's the part of this business that makes it fun for me as well, a benefit of the job. But, my family and most friends are on the east coast, so I do like filming in the area as well and not hopping out of my own life for months at a time...either way, you'll never hear me complain.

Bad Frank is available on VOD.