News: All Female Lord of the Flies Being Planned

In a world where no creative property is safe from being rebooted, it appears that the classic Lord of the Flies is being given another shot at life on the island. With two filmed versions already released decades apart, it seems that movie audiences are about to see the story translated to an all female version that will possibly modernize the story and give it a new twist. The first version was released in 1963 and the Castle Rock released their take in 1990 to gain cult status. 

Now, Scott McGeHee and David Siegel have signed on the dotted line to deliver the female-centric remake for Warner Bros. They promise to stay faithful to the source material while changing up the sex of the cast of stranded teenagers. 
This could be a really cool new take on a classic that will reintroduce the survival of the fittest story to a new generation of movie goers.