News: Bad Boys No More - Bad Boys 3 Officially Pulled From Sony's Release Slate

With Michael Bay finally stepping back from the Transformers franchise, it was initially thought that pre-production may start ramping up on the long gestating Bad Boys For Life. After all, this is what he does best. Now it looks like it may not be in the cards at all. In fact, it's dead.

The project has been rumored since 2003's Bad Boys II. Some time back in 2015, the second sequel hit Sony's slate of upcoming releases. Stars Martin Lawrence and Will Smith (both hungry for a hit) were rumored to be coming back to continue the franchise. Joe Carnahan was attached to direct but then bailed. Somewhere along the way, this third entry hit the skids. 

Tonight, it's been revealed that the movie has been officially pulled from the production facility's schedule. It looks like Bad Boys For Life is another film property that will not be seeing the big screen any time soon. The movie has been moved around on the schedule numerous times already but now it looks like the Bad Boys are nowhere to be found. Maybe they've retired from the force for good.