News: Cannon Films Is Making A Comeback With The Film Break Dance Revolution

Cannon Films is looking to make a comeback and reboot the company that was so well known for its wild mix of genres that they released during the VHS era. They have announced a new project that is part of the hip hop and dance genre titled Break Dance Revolution. The film looks to follow the companies similar projects of Breakin' and Breakin' 2: Electric Boogaloo. It was written and directed by Gabriel Koura, and stars Claudia Wells, The Ochoa Boyz, Poppin John, Kurtis Blow Walker, DJ Livia, Supa Peach, Michael Chambers, DJ Precious, and The Chi-Town Finest Breakers. It is expected to be released in 2018. You can stay updated by following their Facebook page. Check out the synopsis below.

"Old meets new when a dance instructor takes on a group of kids from the streets. They have a new style of dance but need the old school technique. Caught up in a world of drug lords and thugs, it is difficult for the young dancers to not be sucked back in to their former life style. If they can rise to the challenge it will be an Evolution."