News: The Director of IT Wants To Remake Pet Sematary

Considering that The Dark Tower film is turning fan's stomachs for the most part, their biggest hope is that the upcoming cinematic release of IT will help reset their expectations for Stephen King stories transposed to the screen. While a remake of Pet Sematary has been sitting in development hell for years now, a successful movie about Pennywise could garner enough interest from the studio and could still get the story of the undead returning to life back into theaters. The trailers and marketing look spot on which might mean we're going to get the film we've been hoping for. With that said, it looks like the director of IT has further intentions in mind for the King movie universe. 

The original Pet Sematary hit theaters in 1989 and definitely left a mark. It's one of the best King adaptations yet. However, no stone shall be left unturned when it comes to remakes. Now, director Andy Muschietti tells the Toronto Sun that he's  ready to tackle this one as well. When asked about it, he had this to say:

“We’re huge fans of Pet Sematary. If we can get our hands on that and do the Pet Sematary we want to do, that will be something. One day, maybe.”

If IT sparks a huge enough box office and delivers on the proper tone for the story, we just might see Muschietti back at the helm for another King film.