News: Ralph Macchio and William Zabka Team for Karate Kid Series, Cobra Kai

Every once in a while a news story hits that absolutely blows our collective minds. Well, today a bit of release news hit the web that did exactly that. Our minds are officially blown. 

Growing up with the original Karate Kid movies, the first couple still remain classic to this very day. Now, we're finally seeing a resurgence of sorts for the characters from the first movie as Daniel LaRusso an Johnny will once again face off thirty years later. 

Both Ralph Macchio and William Zabka have signed on to the ten episode mini-series for Youtube Red. Set decades after their final match up in which Daniel came out the champion, Johnny will be setting up the Cobra Kai dojo as his own. Missing his mentor Mr. Miyagi, a struggling LaRusso is said to do battle with the bully from his teenage years. 

Not many details have been released up to this point, but this sounds like it could be a really fun revitalization for the series.