TV News: Annabeth Gish Returning To The X-Files

If one thing is for certain, it's that we love The X-Files. Through thick and thin, we stuck with the show. When they brought in new characters for the final seasons, we continued to watch them. And when it got a lackluster revival event series, we still watched every single episode. Despite much negativity that was tied to those few chapters we got during the return, we'll still be back for more. After all, what do we have to lose? Maybe with this run, we'll get more closure for the mythology. 

Now, with season 11 officially scheduled with Duchovny and Anderson ready to return to their formative roles, it looks like one other star is coming back to reclaim her character. Outlets are reporting tonight that Annabeth Gish has officially joined the next batch of episodes. She'll be reviving the character of FBI agent Monica Reyes during Chris Carter's continued revival of his most famous series. 

The truth might still be out there. Get some.