TV News: Miami Vice Reboot For NBC From Vin Diesel and Chris Morgan

The '80s were a miraculous time. It was a decade that brought us awesome movies, great music, and some of the most iconic shows to ever grace our living room TV screens. It was also a time when fluorescent and neon became a mainstay as our Miami Vice heroes, Crockett and Tubbs took to land and sea to destroy the villainous cocaine dealers that transcended upon their town during the major drug boom. 

After Michael Mann's rebooted film version flopped majorly with critics and moviegoers alike, the property died a cold death. It was said for a while that Mann was still trying to get a sequel made, but that never happened. 

Now years later, it looks like the franchise may be getting a third chance at life. Numerous sources including Deadline are reporting that Vin Diesel and producer Chris Morgan are teaming with NBC to bring the show back from the dead. The show has supposedly been in the works for months now and the station is looking at getting this thing on the air as soon as possible.