TV News: Monster Family Rebooted - Munsters Relaunch Coming From Seth Meyers

How quickly we forget that producer Bryan Fuller tried and failed to relaunch the classic Munsters back in 2012 with the costly and utterly terrible Mockingbird Lane. Fuller attempted to reboot the series with a more modern, more colorful flair. The show barely made it to the air with it only showing once as a Halloween special that had the potential for a series pick up. It was an abysmal mess that did nothing for the characters we know and love. 

Now, five years later, the show is once again being worked into a modernized version that will move the Munster family from California to Brooklyn. The family of monsters will be rebooted as a half hour sitcom where they'll try to fit in with 'hipsters'. Sounds great, doesn't it? No. 

Seth Meyers production company, Sethmaker Shoemeyers Productions is at the helm of this latest retread. 

Once again, we shake our heads in wonder. The Munsters are a classic premise that were part of a certain time period in television. This is just another dire cash grab that will tarnish the legacy of the show we love.