Videos: 10 Deleted Game of Thrones Scenes You NEED To See

This is a new video from Screen Rant that lists 10 deleted Game of Thrones scenes you need to see. We are knee deep into Winter, dragons, and epic moments on the hit TV series. Coming from an expansive source material, there are bound to be many scenes that end up being cut. These are some of the scenes fans want to see for various reasons. Check out the synopsis and trailer below.

"Since the Game of Thrones television series is adapted from a book series by George R.R. Martin things are bound to be cut. Here are some deleted scenes you may not have known about. One scene that got cut was Ser Loras mourning Renly Baratheon’s death and Margaery trying to console him. Peter Baelish and Varys are speaking in the throne room in one deleted scene about which brother got the worst of it. Baelish said he believes it was Varys. During a small council meeting Tywin Lannister suggests that they meet with Mance Rayder and try to make peace. We get a pretty painting in our head when Tormund is introduce to us in the book when he is eating a chicken. In a deleted scene we get a fairly good representation of that. Daenerys was definitely torn up inside with the news of Jorah Mormont’s former spying. In a deleted scene between her and Missandei she calmly says, ‘don’t ever betray me.’ Bronn finds Shae after Tyrion breaks up with her and tells her the truth in a deleted scene that didn’t make the final cut. After Robb becomes a valiant commander and never losing a battle we get to see his ferocity come through on screen in a deleted scene. Surprisingly Tywin Lannister enjoys fishing from a deleted scene we never saw between him and Grand Maester Pycelle. We begin to see Sandor Clegane embrace humanity during season 2 when Sansa Stark is imprisoned. Missandei and Grey Worm’s romance starts to blossom during season 5 when she tells him to be careful if the sons of the Harpee do decide to attack. Well, what did you think of these deleted scenes?"