Videos: The Sci-Fi Short Film Echo/Back - The Time Travel Virus

This is the sci-fi short film Echo/Back - The Time Travel Virus.

It was written by Tristram Geary and William Rosenthal, directed by Geary, and stars David Ashby, Stuart Rosenthal, Byron Son, Matthew Sohar, and William Rosenthal, with narration by Geary. Check out the synopsis and short film below.

"In a world where time travel spreads as a virus, a fugitive uses 1-5 second time jumps to escape a police raid. Echo/Back depicts a world where time travel is becoming commonplace. There are no time machines- instead the ability spreads through a virus. Those infected can jump several seconds through time. Amidst this upheaval, a renegade time traveller, Vance, steals an experimental weapon. Police surround him in an abandoned factory. To escape, Vance is forced to outmaneuver (and outthink) them, using time jumps."