Videos: Spending Time With Actress Tracey Birdsall - Who Talks About Star Wars And Her Love Of Sci-Fi


This is the first video of the new webseries called Spending Time, in which Page 2 Screen editor Stuart Bannerman will have a series of conversations with filmmakers and creative souls that are unscripted, honest and in-depth. The first episode is with award-winning actress Tracey Birdsall who talks about her life, career and filming the sci-fi film Rogue Warrior: Robot Fighter. In it, she was asked about her earliest memories of the genre and the films that solidified her love of futuristic action pieces.

"My dad was a Trekkie. Late at night, after mom went to bed, we’d sneak out and watch shows with him. We’d get out ice cream. We’d watch Star Trek and Planet of the Apes and Logan’s Run – the whole gamut of all those shows."

No doubt the envy of all her peers at the time, Birdsall was one of the first to see George Lucas’s Star Wars.

"I saw it before it came out in theaters. My neighbor was one of the producers. We went there and watched it in the theatre in his house. [I recall] walking past all these Star Trek statues and then walking down stairs [into the theatre] and watched Star Wars. It was pretty cool!"