Videos: 10 Dark Messages In Disney Movies That Snuck By Kids

This is a new video from Screen Rant that lists 10 dark messages in Disney movies that snuck by kids. Disney films are geared towards kids, which means that they are mostly light and playful. But at least half of the audience contains the parents who brought their kids to see the movie, which means that there are always jokes and underlying messages created for parents. Check out the synopsis and video below to discover some of the dark messages that are in Disney movies.

"Disney films are fun, exciting, and filled with all types of adventures. For children, they love the characters, songs, silly jokes, and great plots. Parents may be looking a little deeper into the content that they are watching. This includes some pretty dark messages that kids may never notice until they are adults themselves.

In Moana, children cheer on the young girl as she ventures out on her own while parents realize they will never truly have control of their child’s destiny. Return to Neverland features Wendy’s daughter Jane meeting up with Peter, completely abandoning his relationship with an older Wendy. Another odd relationship is featured in The Blank Check. The conclusion: You cannot trust your children with any other adults. Hocus Pocus starred Thora Birch when she was young and a signature house in the film was also used in a very different movie that Birch starred in when she was older. Children love the silly adventures of dogs in the Air Bud series, but they are led to believe that it is the same dog. The Wild was basically a Madagascar rip-off, but the film did feature a backstory that was pretty depressing for animals. Meet the Robinsons is not only an underrated movie, but it can showcase how some people rise above their problems while other cling to them. Bolt showcases the evil side of Hollywood and their ability to just replace anyone for the next best thing. Mars Needs Moms and Frankenweenie also features dark messages based on parenting and science acceptance."