Box Office News: IT Lives - 2017 - The Year of Horror's Comeback

Who could have seen this coming? In a year that's seen tons of sequels, prequels, reboots, and properties revisited for a new generation, one genre stands tall above them all.  As major blockbusters struggle to make back their budgets and huge known properties loose their luster, smaller features have begun to take their rightful place on the box office ladder. Horror has made a huge comeback that has seen brand new ideas and newer franchises prove the all the analysts wrong. 

The last two weeks has seen IT become the eighth highest grossing film of 2017. With a small budget of only $35 million, the feature has already brought home a massive $218 million in less than two weeks of release, absolutely guaranteeing its upcoming sequel and a long run at the cinema with massive return ticket sales. 

While IT is a certified monstrosity at the ticket booth, one other feature is even more profitable. The low budget Get Out which was made on a meager $4.5 million went on to gross $175 million. With a great marketing campaign and excellent word of mouth, the movie continues to grow and gain new fans. No one ever expected to see this coming. 

Following on the coat tails of Get Out was M. Night Shyamalan's return to greatness. His expansion of the Unbreakable world was another breakout hit that made over $138 million. The film only cost $9 million to make, pushing it to one of the highest earners of the year and also catapulted James McAvoy to the upper echelon of Hollywood's elite. 

Other properties like Annabelle:Creation and 47 Meters Down also did extremely well in 2017, proving that horror is where it's at right now. 

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