Movie Deals: Firefly 15th Anniversary Blu-Ray Set - Pre-Order Discount - September 19th, 2017

While fans still eagerly await some type of news that another season of Firefly may happen, they'll be getting a slick repackaging of the original series on blu-ray. Serenity is getting a 4K remaster release in October, so this is all part of their evil plan to get us to double dip again. There have been rumors for the past couple years that we may eventually get some type of revisit or limited event series. So hopefully this does well and further proves that there's still plenty of interest in the show and the crew of the Firefly. Very few details have been released as of yet, but we know this is a 3 disc set with plenty of extras. 

The set hits on September 19th, 2017. Get it while you can right here!