News: Franchise Fatigued: Pirates of the Caribbean 6 Not Greenlit

It's no doubt that summer 2017 was a season of disappointments and franchises that couldn't withstand more needless sequels. Fatigue is truly starting to set in with retreads, reboots, and continuations of properties that have run their course. 

In the case of the latest Pirates movie starring Johnny Depp as Jack Sparrow, it wasn't necessarily a box office failure but was a critical dud that didn't get the same return business as previous entries. However, Dead Men Tell No Tales has crossed the $790 million mark globally. And it out performed On Stranger Tides. Still, Jerry Bruckheimer states that the sixth Pirates is hinging on the home video performance of the movie. The next sequel has no green light from Disney and may not get made. 

It releases on streaming services on September 19th and will get a blu-ray on October 3rd. If it does well in those markets, fans may still see another Captain Jack flick.