News: Gothic Rebirth: Sony Picks Up The Crow Reboot

The long gestating reboot to the now classic film starring Brandon Lee is finally getting some traction again. The project has been toiled over for nearly a decade now with numerous actors attached to star and several directors signing on then dropping out. Just when we thought this unneeded reboot was dead and buried, Sony Pictures has come along and swiped up the distribution rights to the project. 

Sony is currently experiencing a good level of success with Spiderman Homecoming and may be looking to continue the trend with what's been called The Crow Reborn. At this time, no directors are on board and former lead contender Jason Momoa is no longer the front runner to take over as the main star of the film. 

The original Crow had multiple sequels that didn't live up to the first and a low quality television show that did nothing new with the franchise.