News: Sense8 Finale Special Begins Production

Due to poor numbers and escalating production costs during season 2, Netflix decided to pull the plug on the show long before its story could be completed. Loyal fans of the show were extremely disappointed at the streaming service's decision to end the series prematurely. In the interim, porn site XHamster had come out to say that they would be willing to purchase the brand to continue it on their very own site as an original bit of programming. To this day, nothing has come of the offer and Netflix is moving forward with ending it. 

Sense8 will be getting one more extended episode on Netflix sometime in the near future. Due to the outcry and demand of their viewership, the company decided to make a finale episode that will tie up loose ends for the characters. That went into production today. An official release date is not known quite yet. 

We're not sure what the future holds, but this trend of alternative programming getting axed is troublesome for the LGBTQ community as a whole, considering the way this show pulled many issues to the forefront.