News: She'll Be Back: Linda Hamilton Returns For New Terminator Movie

After 25 years of waiting, it appears that the stars may be aligning at last for the Terminator sequel we've deserved since the end of T2. Not only is James Cameron assisting in the production department as Skydance and Paramount team for the project. Director Tim Miller (Deadpool) is now heading the project which will finally bring the main characters of the saga back together for another battle against the evil Terminators and the dreaded Skynet. While no plot details have been leaked as of yet, there's even bigger news tonight. 

With Arnold deciding to come back to the series after writing it off sometime last year, Linda Hamilton is officially on board as Sarah Connor in what is being planned as another trilogy of science fiction action movies. The Hollywood Reporter posted earlier tonight that Hamilton is all set for the comeback. 

Early reports are stating that the last few sequels are being retconned. This new Terminator will be a direct sequel to Judgement Day and will pick up a whole new story that writes off the terrible plotting of the last few franchise entries. 

The world rejoiced.