News: Spawn Reboot Will Be A Low Budget Comic Book Film

As we all know by now, Spawn is getting a reboot for the cinematic world. Creator Todd McFarlane is set to direct the project which has already called into question what the quality of the movie will be. With that said, it looks like the new live action movie is not going to be the massive budget blockbuster that many had hoped for. Today word has come out from producer Jason Blum that the new feature will be a 'low budget' superhero movie. 

Comparing the movie to Jaws, Blum states that Spawn will not be the biggest part of the movie but that the central focus will be on the cop character Twitch mirroring Sheriff Brody and Spawn being compared to the aforementioned shark. Blum also states that this will be a 'very different kind of feeling superhero movie'. Supposedly they're going for a more 'lo-fi' feel that won't be as effects heavy as the 1997 feature. 

Hopefully they can get this right so that fans eventually get the huge Spawn movie they deserve.