Trailers: The Dead of Night Film Festival 2017 Lineup And Trailer

This is a trailer and event info for The Dead of Night Film Festival.

It is a new international horror film festival that is bringing new independent horror trailers, short and feature length films to the horror loving public of the seaside town of Southport, England. They will screen 8 trailers, 8 short films and 8 feature films within the horror genre. It will take place on October 20th and 1st at The Atkinson, with the lineup below.

 Night of Something Strange
Who's Watching Oliver
Sequence Break
 Dead Shack
Circus of the Dead
The Barn
Cannibals and Carpet Fitters (UK Premiere)
 Borley Rectory

 The Corpse Series
Death Metal
The Offer (UK Premiere)
The Summoner (UK Premiere)
 Your Date is Here

Trailers: Safe Place
  Night of the Deranged Virgins
 More Blood!
 The Stream
The Quaky Slasher
Burying the Mother in Law
 Dolly Deadly

You can find purchase tickets here and find out more information on their Facebook page.