Videos: The Animated Sci-Fi Short Film Bibo

This is the animated sci-fi short film Bibo, presented by DUST.

The Russian animated film was co-written and co-directed by Anton Chistiakov and Mikhail Dmitriev. Check out the synopsis and short film below.

"Bibo is a robot who sells ice cream. The world around him is destroyed. Just a few houses are left in the middle of the desert. Everybody loved Bibo in the past. Children, adults, everybody... He was a star! And now, the only thing that keeps Bibo going is his job. This is his life. Every day he comes to his workplace no matter what. And every day, at the same time, 3 children run towards him to buy ice cream. Again and again... Until that one day, when a girl in a red dress freezes in the middle of the street."