31 Days of Hell: Bunnyman Vengeance (2017) - Reviewed

Bunnyman Vengeance (2017) is the completely baffling conclusion to the "story" of the titular bunny suit clad killer. This is one of the most incoherent and pointless horror films I have had the displeasure of watching.

The plot structure itself is flawed as it has a rather simplistic premise. Bunnyman returns home and discovers his family has started a haunted house attraction. Apparently, they think it's a good idea to murder everyone who comes to aforementioned haunted house as a money-making scheme even though that makes zero sense from a business standpoint. I dunno, killing everyone tends to discourage repeat customers and word-of-mouth advertisement.

The entire film is comprised of groups of people visiting the house and them getting subsequently terminated. Wash, rinse, repeat. No character development, story beats, plot progression---nothing. I could almost forgive a godawful story if the kills were creatively done, but they are mundane at best and the special effects are terrible. I cannot recall seeing worse CGI effects in my entire life and the digital blood looks even worse.

When you aren't looking at the terrible visuals, you will be straining to hear the dialogue thanks to the awful sound mix. Dialogue alternates between being drowned out by the ambient noise of the room and then popping in with overly loud ADR complete with the background noise abruptly dropping out when they speak. The version I watched also had an editing error left in with a scene looping twice in a row. Things happen for inexplicable reasons and not one character is interesting or fleshed out. Bunnyman actually has a pretty cool look but it's wasted because he is given nothing to do other than stand around and occasionally hack people to death. The music is completely generic and suffers from the terrible levels found in the rest of the film. Every aspect of this film is subpar. It's bad, but not in a fun way--I struggled to make it through the entire film. It felt long and it was only 90 minutes which is a bad sign.

I cannot recommend this film to anyone, mainly because the technical aspects ruin what little fun could be gleaned from the story.

--Michelle Kisner