31 Days Of Hell: Streaming Releases: Better Watch Out (2016) Reviewed

Christmas and horror are two things that go together like delicious fresh baked cookies and milk. From the evil of Black Christmas to the dark Santa slaughter of Silent Night, Deadly Night, the holidays can be a horrific time of year filled with gifts of pain and death. 

This year, the season of giving sees a new horror hybrid called Better Watch Out that brings meta slasher tropes into a new movie that decidedly turns into an exploration of purified evil ala Funny Games. When the ribbon comes off, things turn darkly comedic but one hundred percent deadly.

Adolescence is already rife with growing pains. Better Watch Out turns those emotions of teenage angst and puppy love into a visceral night of terror led by an amazing young actor that has full control of his character. For his age, the young Levi Miller leads the entire movie as the beautiful Olivia DeJonge (The Visit) plays his older love interest. Using excellent chemistry that makes them seem like they’ve known each other for years, their relationship has a natural connection that carries the first third of the film. As things begin to change and the scene turns for the worst, they both become equal parts in a movie that must be seen by all horror fanatics. Paying tribute to classic slasher films while paving its own path, Better Watch Out is an awesome watch.

We're about to die. Let's make out. 

Over ninety minutes, this indie flick takes chances repeatedly as it becomes one of the better and more twisted terror tales of the last few years. Never letting up and never giving in, this is a brutally realistic story that could actually take place in our day and age. Perhaps that’s the most frightening thing about it. In an era that sees the daily slaughter of innocents and the constant news of mass shootings, Better Watch Out plays it close to home. Using a villain that we know most likely exists in our world, there are scenes here that remind us exactly why horror exists. It’s an extension of our lives. It’s a reflection that is not always about pure escapism but one that mirrors our reality in many ways.

With a youthful cast of great actors that partake in an evening of tension and creative kills, this indie horror flick is a brand new spin that is insanely fresh but also satirically fun. If you liked The Babysitter on Netflix, this will be another one for you to check out soon.