Box Office News: Blade Runner 2049 Flops In China

Despite being a great and visionary piece of science fiction cinema from the mind of Denis Villeneuve, Blade Runner 2049 failed to live up to financial expectations in the U.S.. And now the feature is also suffering the same fate overseas. When the movie didn't drum up huge business domestically, many thought that the sequel would make up for its low numbers when it hit China. We were proven wrong again. The movie has seen the exact same fate in another part of the world. 

The Chinese release date was pushed back to October 27th to clear way for the film starring Ryan Gosling and Harrison Ford. Unfortunately, the slow pacing did not sit well with audiences in China and it's an even bigger disappointment for the studio. Adjusted to U.S. figures, the movie only made $8.5-9 million in its opening weekend, even getting beat out by the big budget mega-flop Geostorm which made $9.5 million on its Chinese opening day alone. 

Hopefully Blade Runner 2049 will see a second life on home video, the same way as the original built its own cult following.