Box Office News: Replicant Failure: Blade Runner 2049 Far Below Expectations

What was estimated to be a fairly large box office hit for Denis Villeneuve and his team of amazing visual artists is turning out to be a financial miss which is hitting the same brick wall as the original Blade Runner. Although interest was high and the marketing was on point, many have been turned off by the excessive run time and the reported slow pacing of the plot. 

With the film costing a $185 million to produce, this opening weekend would have needed to open domestically with $40-50 million. Mixing in foreign sales, the movie would have needed to hit somewhere around the $100 million mark total to solidify its status against its huge budget. Now, early reports are showing that its going to struggle to hit even $36 million in the U.S.. Most analysts are suggesting that by the time Sunday night rolls around, it may be even less than $30 million. This is not a good sign for the franchise revisit to the future world. 

At this rate, there's no way that Blade Runner 2049 will make a third of its budget back over opening weekend, which is a surefire sign that Warner Bros. is going to lose a lot of money on this project. It's too bad because this is one of the best science fiction movies of the last decade.