Box Office Report: Blade Runner Falters. Death Wins.

This weekend was no better for Blade Runner 2049. The massive visionary motion picture slipped from the number one spot, only taking in another $15.1 million. This is a 54.1 percent drop off from its opening weekend. Again, the numbers don't speak for the quality of the film but this is a massive slip from where it was last weekend. The new horror comedy hybrid Happy Death Day ended the weekend as number one by taking in $26.5 million against a tiny $4.8 million budget. 

In the third place slot was Jackie Chan's The Foreigner with only $12.8 million. The Stephen King movie IT continued to rake it in with another $6 million. And the Kate Winslet/Idris Elba romantic survival movie came in fifth with $5.7 million.

What does this all prove? Well, horror continues to thrive in 2017. With other small budgeted features like Get Out making huge profits, it seems that scares and violence are where its at right now. All the studios need to take notice of this trend.