Comic Book Movie News: Gambit Finally Gets A Release Date

After a couple years of wrangling this project, it looks like Marvel's Gambit movie is finally moving forward. At long lost, Channing Tatum is being given the movie he's been trying to get into production for years. With a second Deadpool in production and numerous other Marvel properties gearing up, Gambit has once again been given an official release date. A while back it was said that the movie would hit cinemas in 2016. Obviously, that didn't happen. Today, we get word that the film is back in the cards. 

Now, the project has been given the green light with an official cinematic release speculated to hit on February 14, 2019. Yes, Valentine's Day, the exact same day Deadpool used as a launching pad a couple years ago. This will be the fifth Marvel spinoff movie and will supposedly be another comic book movie that tries to do things differently.