Horror News: Starry Eyes Directors Dennis Widmyer and Kevin Kolsch Snag Pet Sematary Remake

For a while it was thought that the director of the IT remake may end up taking on the eventual Pet Sematary gig. He'd even expressed interest in the job. Well, hold on to your pants because the studio is now ramping up the project long before we could have ever possibly imagined. With the massive success of that Stephen King property, they are ready to move on getting this going sooner than later. And the great news is that they've signed on two excellent directors to helm the project. 

The directors of 2014's satanic indie horror feature Starry Eyes have officially signed on to bring the dead back to life. Dennis Widmyer and Kevin Kolsch are now attached to bring Pet Sematary back into cinemas. Considering how awesome their first release was, this is a great choice. They have a known working partnership and definitely have a firm grasp on how to make horror films.

As a huge fan of Starry Eyes, this is one of the best announcement I've heard in a while. These guys will do this justice. Deadline and other horror sources are reporting the news tonight.