Netflix Now: When The Parents Are Away, Evil Will Play: The Babysitter (2017) Reviewed

After a mediocre career of big budget franchise misses and critically bashed theatrical releases, McG finally brings it home with a horror comedy that knocks the ball out of the park. 

Unleashed to the drooling masses just in time for Halloween and Friday the 13th, The Babysitter is a hilarious flick that mixes sexy vibes with slasher tropes and a darkly comic story that's cool in its meta delivery system. Premiering on Netflix this weekend, Samara Weaving and Judah Lewis star in what is easily one of the better slasher type movies of 2017. Playing to the same crowd that digs Stranger Things and other projects that pay due respect to pop culture via dialogue that's rife with callbacks, this Netflix movie gets it right more often than not. 

Centered on the dynamic duo of the super talented Weaving and the pubescent Lewis, The Babysitter will play to the same crowds that dug the other horror offering this weekend, Happy Death Day. When the friendship between the younger nerdy lad and the uber sexy vixen goes sideways, things spiral out of control with a creative piece of escapist cinema that's high on silliness and great kills. Unlike most typical slasher flicks, this McG release relies heavily on unique deaths, hilarious characters, and tons of references to popular genre movies. Fans of Alien will definitely get a kick out of some of the lines here.  

Tell me Joey. Have you ever seen a movie about gladiators?

Unlike other McG projects, this is a brand new original project that doesn't rely on established characters or properties. The Babysitter is a rarity that could actually catapult him in a different direction altogether. Finally, it feels like he's comfortable in his own skin as a director. No, this isn't the second coming or anything. But, it's really cool to see someone that's battled through the wasteland of the dreaded Charlie's Angels reboot and Terminator: Salvation to do something that's creatively authentic. 

People that dig on the adult based humor of the American Pie series or fans of self aware movies like Cabin in the Woods will have a blast with this. There are many reflections on current life as American teenagers boil over into a blood soaked battle of wits that pits a geeky kid against a team of evil doers that seek a sacrificial lamb. If you're not watching this movie right now, you have a problem. Get on it. The Babysitter is survival horror that doesn't feature a final girl. That alone makes it worth the watch.