News: Alfonso Cuarón and Casey Affleck Team For New Horror TV Series

With horror being the highlight of 2017, it looks like the genre is getting another new television series from the minds of Alfonso Cuarón and Casey Affleck.  With hit films like Gravity and Manchester By The Sea behind them, this eccentric pair of creatives looks to bring a new show to TV that the networks are already chomping at the bit to get their hands on. With very little detail being released, it's said to be a dramatic thriller that may center on cults. 

Alfonso won the Oscar for Gravity but also directed one of the best science fiction films of all time, Children of Men.  Casey Affleck is obviously the star of last year's emotional drama, Manchester By The Sea. This is a powerhouse pairing that could definitely produce some interesting horror material. 

There are few details being released about their work on the show right now, but Cuarón is apparently writing, directing, and executive producing. Affleck is set to star. This would be his first time ever starring on a television show. Everything is shrouded in mystery as the two look for a platform to launch the series. No matter what, this is interesting news.