News: Lethal Weapon 5 In Development With Donner, Glover, and Gibson

In what is potentially the biggest movie news to hit in the past month, it looks like the classic pairing of Danny Glover and Mel Gibson is not too old for this shit anymore. Riggs and Murtaugh will be coming out of retirement. Coming Soon is reporting that a fifth entry in the long running Lethal Weapon movie series may be finally getting traction. Due to the mild popularity of the TV show, interest is renewed and the stars of the original are ready to jump back on board.

With Gibson being given a second chance by Hollywood and Richard Donner looking to direct at the ripe old age of 87, we might finally get the Lethal Weapon 5 we were promised years ago.

Apparently the trio is already in the early development stages and are working with Warner Bros. to get the project going. Channing Gibson (no relation to Mel) is working on updating the script that had been long gestating when this project was initially discussed a while back.