News: Luc Besson Denies Lucy 2 Development

The divisive action/sci-fi film Lucy may have many naysayers but the project went on to gross over $463 million globally against a small budget of only $40 million. The Luc Besson movie was definitely considered a success by the studio as rumors continue to circulate that there would be a sequel to the Scarlett Johansson vehicle. Now, Besson is quite frustrated with journalists because apparently there are no plans to make a part two. Considering how it ended, this is no shock. 

In a recent Instagram post, Besson vents his anger towards the media which has been touting Lucy 2 for some time:

Dear journalists,

You are doing a formidable, noble and useful job. You investigate, cross the information, then you intersect it so that the truth, of which you are the spokesperson, can be heard. What an honor for you to inform, to prevent, to guide, to decipher even … But that was before. Before the Internet and your unrestrained and silly race to scoop. It does not matter if the info is right or wrong when we are the first to say anything. To the devil checks ethics or morals. Let us take up a foreign article and let us content ourselves with translating it, without perspective, without discernment. When did you lose that faith? When did you drop? We may be movies that do not please you but we apply, often for years, to serve our love and our faith. Please try to regain your dignity, your nobility, your courage. You would need so much in this difficult time. Get back from the height. Respect you.

For info: no I do not prepare Lucy 2. Neither yesterday nor tomorrow. Yet this fake News has been around the world thanks to you …. You will say to me: “It is not very serious'” It is true, you are right … but it is “false” and normally this word should not be part of your vocabulary, because if we can no longer you believe, how do we hold a democracy? Our freedom depends on your integrity.

With that said, I guess we can agree that Lucy 2 just isn't happening.