News: Villeneuve Gave Leto The Power To Decide If Deckard is a Replicant

Blade Runner 2049 is now in its second weekend of release. The captivating science fiction epic is one that's definitely expanded on the world of the future. Denis Villeneuve's sequel to the classic Ridley Scott movie takes us further into the realm of distant technologies and flying vehicles. Although the sequel hasn't been a huge box office hit, it's going to end up being similar to the original. Over time, it will be respected for it examination of humanity as it becomes another cult hit. Now, Jared Leto lets on that Villeneuve gave him a special power. 

In the filming of the movie, Leto wanted to know if Deckard was a replicant or not. When speaking with Collider, the Oscar winning actor said that Villeneuve gave Leto the final power to decide:

“Well there’s this scene where I look into his mind, right? I don’t know if it’s in the movie anymore. But Denis told me, I said, ‘Denis, what do I see?’ And it’s like a long pause, he walked away a few paces and he comes back and he says, ‘This is your decision to make. You decide whether he is a replicant or not,’ so in some way, I’m the one that has the secret now.”

Leto never watches his own movies, so he's not even sure if the scene is included anymore. However, we believe it's a cut part that would have seen Wallace read the mind of Deckard. This doesn't necessarily answer the decades old question but it's an interesting tidbit from a film that's sure to have people talking for years.