Streaming News: Netflix Raising Prices

It wasn't too long ago that the number one streaming service in the world upped their prices for subscribers. Now, Netflix is preparing to do it again. In a move that will certainly upset both new and old subscribers, the giant is prepping another price hike that isn't too large but enough to call into question why they're doing so. With their massive loan debt to continue producing original movies and content, the cost is definitely being shouldered by their members. 

Their current and most popular price plan which allows for two devices to stream simultaneously is going up a dollar from $9.99 to $10.99.  The second tier which allows 4 devices is increasing from $11.99 to $13.99. Their baseline service that allows for standard streaming will remain at $7.99. While it doesn't seem like a major hike across the board, this will definitely be enough to offset some of their huge deficit. 

Whether or not most customers stick with them remains to be seen. But this might upset a large portion of their base.