Streaming Releases: I Am Alone - Reviewed

When a nature based reality show begins filming its 413th episode, things go awry as the movie enters mysterious found footage territory. Like a satirical spin on all the shows we get today like Naked and Afraid or Bear Grylls’ many adventures, I Am Alone chronicles a journey into the wild. 

Using a lead actor (Gareth David-Lloyd) that plays the role perfectly, this lower budget feature finds new ways to blend modern tv trends with the zombie craze that now infiltrates modern pop culture. When the latest episode begins filming, the undead begin their takeover and things rapidly spin out of control. Our host is left to fend for himself as the wilderness becomes a haven for the bloodthirsty undead.

Using multiple filming styles including faux security footage, standard digital, and first person, I Am Alone brandishes some slick editing that intrigues by pulling the viewer into the scenarios at hand. As the zombies multiply and populate, homegrown visual effects and head shots keep this more interesting than most of the big budget genre movies that we’ve been getting lately. In fact, some of the ideas here should put the big cable shows on notice. Without a major studio or a large company backing this project, the production becomes more reliant on grass roots creativity. That’s how I Am Alone feels. This is proof positive that bare bones, no cash flow movies can definitely gain a foot hold on horror fans. While many might dismiss this because it doesn’t have a major media corporation behind it, it’s actually a fresh new take on the world of zombies. 

This isn't funny guys. 

As an added bonus, I Am Alone has a creepy score that mixes droning synthetic notes and arpeggiated tones that call back to many classic horror movies. The music here definitely adds mood and an added sense of dread while the main character slips into flesh gnawing madness. Switching from full color to black and white during night scenes, the creepy factor is amped up and becomes slightly reminiscent of Night of the Living Dead. It’s obvious the people behind this movie have a respect or admiration for numerous styles of filmmaking as they twist and amalgamate their influences into this release.

I’d be lying if I said this was the best zombie entry ever. But it gives me hope that someone out there is at least attempting to try a fresh idea. So many things feel like they’re on repeat right now. Repetition is the name of the game because the masses buy into the familiar. I Am Alone’s director Robert A. Palmer takes a risk by stirring the pot.

I Am Alone is now available on streaming services and DVD.