TV News: Magnum P.I. Reboot At CBS

By now we've all gathered that nothing is sacred when it comes to reboots. Well, now CBS is in the process of bringing a new version of the Tom Selleck classic back to television. As a huge hit in the '80s, the show ran for 8 years and had 162 episodes. For all intents and purposes, it was a huge hit and didn't really peter out until the last couple seasons as viewership began to dwindle and the series lost some of its original luster. Now, with many other series being retrofitted for a new generation, the broadcast network is readying a total do over. 

Apparently, the new spin on Magnum will be updated to our modern age. The character will be an ex-Navy SEAL that uses his skills to become a tropical private investigator. The new version is being helmed and written by Peter Lenkov, who is also behind the series reboots of MacGuyver and Hawaii Five-O. Considering the life span of some of his other offerings, he might have another hit on his hands. Under the control of a proper supervisor, Magnum P.I. is ripe for this treatment. 

There is no word yet as the project is in early stages of development. But whoever takes this character on better have a killer stache.