Streaming Releases: Antihuman (2017) Reviewed

Evil has found a new home? Yes, where? We'd like to know. In the bottom of a barrel?

Using beautiful cinematography, lush landscapes, trippy old school visual environmental effects, excellent lighting, wonderful looking sets and four extremely attractive women, this Antihuman doesn't live up to the names it so disrespectfully compares itself to on the marketing materials. It's nothing like Resident Evil. And bears no markers that make it seem anything like Orphan Black. Trying to manipulate an audience into watching your film by using popular namesakes to sell your product is a sure fire way to turn off an audience and find a direct path to cinematic hell. Despite all those positives I just listed, I would never wish this movie on my worst enemy. This is non-film. 

Antihuman is without a doubt one of the worst "horror" movies of the year and definitely my most negatively reviewed project of 2017. Yes, it looks great and captures that old school European feel. But, that's all it has going for it. There is no story. There are no elements to latch onto. Other than a few moments at the beginning that seem like we might get an enlightened manifesto of strange and surreal hellscapes is automatically vanquished by an undefinied plot that puts four ladies in the center of nature with absolutely nothing to follow by the time we're at the sixty minute mark. At a full length run time of two hours, this is pure amateur hour with a self impressed director that thinks he's doing his audience a favor by playing the art film card. 

This is no Descent. 

After a month that we dedicated nearly every day to horror reviews and tons of content directed strictly towards that genre, Antihuman is creatively infantile. Other than the stirring music that literally never stops and a couple really cool shots, there is no reason to watch this movie because nothing ever really happens. We get the setup. We get the characters. But we get no type of understandable backstory and no development of plot. We get it. You wanted to try to make some retro looking European horror. You failed. 

Let's make this really simple and straightforward. I've seen no budget horror shorts by high school kids that put this abomination to shame. Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine I'd see a horror movie this bad during the post Halloween month.