Box Office News: Justice League Falters Domestically But Dominates Internationally

We're not gonna start this off as another DC bashing news piece. It's been done to death and we're a little tired of it. We're just going to report what happened with Justice League at the box office this weekend. 

While it's being widely reported that the movie is a financial disaster for Warner Bros., it's not quite as horrendous as things appear right now. Yes, it failed to do the same numbers as Wonder Woman or other DC universe films at home, but it still rose to the top in the U.S. with $96 million dollars. It may not be the huge figure that the movie needed but it still came in first. With critical reviews being mixed and tons of negative press before release, this really shocks no one. 

Now, the foreign box office is a whole different story. Internationally, the cumulative total including the U.S. market already stands at $281.5 million which nearly makes up for the project's astronomical budget. In Europe, the superhero flick is actually leading the opening weekend box office for Wonder Woman and is just trailing Thor:Ragnarok

With such a strong turnout overseas, Justice League may even turn a profit. It's reported that it needs to capture a hair over $600 million to be considered successful.