Horror News: George Romero's Son Making Night of the Living Dead Prequel

Zombies. Zombies everywhere. 

With the passing of his father, Cameron Romero has officially announced that he is entering the world of the undead with a prequel to Night of the Living Dead. Initially called Origins, Romero's project has had its title updated to Rise of the Living Dead. Not too many details have been released as of yet, but the film will be a direct extension of the landmark zombie movie. 

Rise of the Living Dead is said to take place during the social unrest of the early '60s and will bring back some of the commentary that his father had so often written into his stories of the dead coming back to feast on flesh. The plot will be centered on a doctor that's working towards developing a way for humans to survive a nuclear war. Somehow, this will lead up to the beginning moments of Night of the Living Dead. 

Color us intrigued.