Rumor Mill: Frank Is Dead: House Of Cards May Kill Off Kevin Spacey's Character

With the massive revelations about Kevin Spacey's penchant for sexual harassment becoming public knowledge and the hit show that he's led for numerous seasons being under the wire to find some type of closure, it looks like the producers are trying to find a way out of the scandal. While we're sure they have multiple ideas of how they can conclude the show, the producers and writing staff may end up putting him in the grave for good.

Variety is reporting this afternoon that they are looking at potentially killing his Frank Underwood off so that they can finish out their sixth season with a focus on Robin Wright's character. It's an undoubtedly hard decision to make but with new things hitting the web about Spacey this past week, it might be the only way they can go to finally wrap the story before they go into spin off mode. Wright is just as strong of an actor and could definitely carry the final episodes.  

What a sad state of affairs.