Interviews: Actor And Producer Baron Jay Talks About The Upcoming Comedy The Condo

Baron Jay is an everywhere man – meaning, he’s worn many hats and intends to wear many more. The actor and producer, whose credits include Michael Mann’s Collateral and Horrible Bosses 2, has put together the fun new comedy The Condo (out in December through Gravitas Ventures), about four friends that get a condo so that they can use it as a hub to cheat on their spouses. In this exclusive interview Jay tells us about working with director James Cullen Bressack, how close to his on-screen character he is, and what hats he wore on the movie. 

TMS: Looks like you wore quite a few hats on this movie? 

BJ: Yes, I wore many hats and its something you have to do when you are doing a indie film on a used car budget. I was producer, actor, casting director, location manager and more. I look forward to doing a film where I can just focus on acting. I had to switch to producer hat to actor hat every day while on set for 12 hours each day. 

TMS: Did you always intend to star in it? 

BJ: Yes, I created the movie as a vehicle for me. My goal was to make a multi-cultural ensemble film. 

TMS: How did James Cullen Bressack get involved? 

BJ: We are friends and James had expressed an interest in doing a film outside of horror, when I told him about this film he got excited and wanted to be involved. 

TMS: How close to the character of Duke are you? 

BJ: Some mysteries don’t need to be solved because they more fun left mysterious. 80/20 rule! I will let the audience decide. 

TMS: Where was the film shot? 

BJ: The movie was filmed at Detail’s home - he is an American record producer and recording artist known for producing “Drunk in Love” and “711” by Beyonce. His brother Equality 40 made this happen for me. Guess what?.......All three of us are from Detroit, Michigan but we met in Los Angeles. 

TMS: Was there anyone you would’ve wanted to have involved but couldn’t get?

BJ: No. ‘’Want nothing. Get Everything!’’ Is one of my mottos. 

TMS: The film has a nice balance of comedy and sweetness. Was that intentional? 

BJ: It was not intentional. It just happens. We were flying by the seat of our pants on the set of The Condo!