New Horror Releases: All the Devils Are Here (2017) - Reviewed

Filmed over two weeks in 2013 with a minuscule budget of $35 thousand and now finally making its way to horror fans is All the Devils Are Here, an insane ode to ‘80s and ‘90s creature films that is reminiscent of some devilish combination of The Descent, From Dusk til Dawn, Assault on Precinct 13, and last year’s gross out darling Night of Something Strange. Despite its microbudget and taking several years to be released, the movie packs a venomous bite and delivers stunning camerawork and cinematography, fine performances from the entire cast, a terrific soundtrack and score, and outstanding creature effects and gore. 

Five college students take a trip to Central Florida, staying at a parent’s Summer vacation cabin. Things don’t quite go as planned, when some evil creatures look to ruin their fun in the Florida sun. They are forced to team up with a town local and an escaped convict, in hopes of surviving the night. This is a rather unique take on a creature feature, combining elements of vampires and other unusual creatures with a zombie like infection. It’s a smart script from writer and director (among many other credits) Ryan Lightbourn. The dialogue is sharp and realistic to each character, with minor touches of humor thrown in. The humor is kept to a minimum and the picture is treated as a straight horror feature. Lightbourn also wasn’t afraid to break away from the stereotypes and conventions that we have come to expect, offering up something a little different in the final act. 

The directing and cinematography from Lightbourn are exceptional, with strikingly beautiful daytime scenes and colors, expansive overhead scenic shots, and great camera movement and placement. The film looks superb and not enough words could be used to express how impressive this production turned out, especially with the budget that was provided. Lightbourn also composed the score and arrangement. It’s a wonderful ‘80s inspired score that mixes the style of John Carpenter and Charles Bernstein, while also adding in songs from contemporary artists that sound like they came from that era. 

The acting is far superior to what you would normally expect from a low budget independent horror production, with believable performances from the entire cast. Doo-Doo Brown was by far the star of the picture, portraying the escaped convict Tre. His character sort of resembled Napoleon Johnson from Assault on Precinct 13, with some tweaks. Ben Owen and Dale DaBone also gave fine performances, with Owen as the stereotypical bad guy boyfriend and DaBone as the town local. 

Practical effects and gore are generally considered essential elements for most successful horror films. This movies delivers it in spades, offering up splattering blood, gross gore effects, and tons of creatures. It’s hard to fathom how they were able to achieve such remarkable looking creatures on so low of a budget, but they look excellent. The shear level of insanity and gore situations contained in this should please most horror fans. 

Budget aside, All the Devils Are Here is one of the best horror films to be released in 2017. While it may have a tough time competing with major studio films for attention, this is a must see for horror fans. It has it all on a small budget. Ryan Lightbourn has created an entertaining piece of ‘80s inspired violence, hopefully we will see much more from him in the future. 

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