News: All The Recasting In The World: Spacey Dropped From Ridley's Latest. Christopher Plummer In.

As the world crashes down around actor Kevin Spacey, director Ridley Scott has decided to grab the bull by the horns. His latest film All The Money In The World initially starred Spacey in one of the lead roles. While word continues to break about the actor's penchant for sexual harassment and the groping of staffers and co-stars, a hard move has been made to remove the actor from the film which was set to screen at the AFI Fest and has a December release set. 

Apparently, Ridley is replacing Spacey in all his scenes with legendary actor Christopher Plummer. They plan on keeping most of the film intact as Plummer steps in to reshoot all of Spacey's onscreen time. Even more crazy is Scott's claim that he will have this thing finished, edited, and ready to hit cinemas in time for its December theatrical run. 

This is huge news in the world of movies and one of the only times an actor has been fully replaced after completion of a project. Hopefully, the new work will be seamless.