News: The Two Mythical Creature Documentaries Boggy Creek Monster & The Mothman of Point Pleasant Get Digital Release Expansion

Terror Films has partnered with documentary filmmaker Seth Breedlove in widening the platform availability of two of his creature myth documentaries, Boggy Creek Monster and The Mothman of Point Pleasant. Written, directed, and edited by Breedlove, both films will begin their release expansion on Tuesday, November 21st and will be available on many VOD platforms. Check out the synopsis and trailers for both below. 

“BOGGY CREEK MONSTER documents the legend of the Fouke Monster - a creature first reported on in the early 1970's in Fouke, Arkansas. There are allegations that this Bigfoot type creature attacked a local family and then destroyed livestock. Later many more sightings were reported and a legend was born!” 

 “THE MOTHMAN OF POINT PLEASANT deals with a different monster that was originally sighted near Point Pleasant, West Virginia. In 1966, multiple townspeople reported seeing "a large flying man with ten-foot wings whose eyes glowed red." Legend claims that the Mothman is responsible for the 1967 collapse of the Silver Bridge that killed 46 people. It still roams somewhere to this day.”