Rumor Mill: Deadpool Wants To Be An Avenger: Disney Looking To Buy Most Of 21st Century Fox

The mouse is looking to add onto his empire, as a report from CNBC states that talks have been ongoing for Disney to purchase a large portion of the media conglomerate. Disney is looking to purchase almost the whole company, minus the news and sports portions. In the deal, Disney would receive the 20th Century Fox movie and TV production operations, the FX and National Geographic group of channels, and Fox's international channels. Fox would retain the Fox Broadcasting Co. network, Fox News, and Fox News Operations. The way it is being split up is necessary in order to avoid any FCC and anti-trust violations, because Disney already owns ABC and ESPN. 

In terms of comic book movie news, this is potentially huge. It would bring Marvel's X-Men and Fantastic Four back into play in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, opening up a world of possibilities, cameos, and team-ups.